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Posted: 09/09/2021

Provide academic instruction and behavior modification approaches in a highly structured alternative school.  In a small class setting, the teacher will address the academic and emotional/behavioral needs of the students as set forth in their Individual Education Plan (IEP).  This is a ten-month position.


  1.  Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the mission of the organization and its goals, and adhere to the policies and regulations of the agency.
  2. Attend all required trainings and staff meetings.
  3. Responsible for the supervision of students at all times during the school day. 
  4. Maintain a well structured classroom with consistent rules and expectations.
  5. Utilize the established behavior management plan to maintain effective discipline.
  6. Anticipate and plan appropriate interventions to avoid student behavior issues, and use therapeutic restraints when deemed necessary.  
  7. Provide classroom leadership and act as a positive role model for the students.
  8. Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of each student’s academic and behavioral goals.
  9. Plan effective lessons which actively engage students, communicate clear learning goals, and check for student understanding of content and concepts on a regular basis. 
  10. Utilize appropriate assessments to measure student progress and modify future instruction.   
  11. Prepare reports accurately and on time, including IEP goals for annual meetings, report cards, and progress reports.
  12. Communicate confidence and perseverance in students’ ability to succeed, and provide regular feedback to students regarding their progress. 
  13. Demonstrate a continued awareness and commitment to cultural diversity, religious and personal values, and traditions of persons served and their families in order to accomplish the mission of  the organization.
  14. Demonstrate professionalism in dealing with parents, students and staff.
  15. Strive to increase competencies and improve job performance.
  16. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors.
  1. Requires a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college (Master’s degree preferred).
  2. Requires certification or eligibility for a waiver in the subject(s) being taught (SPED certification preferred). 
  3. Requires a willingness to work towards SPED certification
  4. Requires experience with children with emotional/behavioral challenges.
  5. Requires good oral and written communication skills.
  6. Requires a current valid driver’s license.
  1. May require prolonged periods of standing or sitting during classroom instruction.
  2. Frequent exposure to activities with students which could pose a potential risk for physical injury or     harm.
  3. Requires considerable physical agility to be able to perform restraint.
  4. May require lifting or moving the body weight of an adolescent.